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Experiments in Parish Life

 Early Days of Family Groups

Needlepoint in sepia of the original church at Terrey Hills. - by Lillian Griffith

from Greg & Elenor Dawson, Terrey Hills, 1977

After a series of adult education lectures held at the Passionist Centre St Ives, in 1975, it was proposed that these groups might continue in some other form. We recall that we felt we had only scratched the surface of each and every topic and a few of us thought we would like to continue meeting on a regular basis at each others homes.

Through their parish of St Anthony in the Fields, Terrey Hills, couples met once a month with Fr Peter McGrath or another member of the Passionist community to lead the way. Our children became an important part of this group, as we all shared at least two weekends away at Lawson. Lots of kids!

From this original group which probably lasted 18 months to 2 years, a reassessment took place. At this time, two couples from our group decided to form a new group. Later on, three couples joined our group.

Ten couples now form the basis of our "Family Group" which meets once a month for discussion or a film. Golf days, picnic days, family Masses, and BBQs provide the important ingredient of these groups support and friendship.

Greg and Elenor have now re-located back to their home state of WA.